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About Us

After establishing it’s reputation as a leading designer, developer and distributor of modern tactical accessories, led by the amazing line of MCK (Micro Conversion Kits) in the US market, CAA USA has now created  an international sales channel Through MCK-Europe.

CAA USA‘s famous conversion kit, has taken the United States by storm with models for the Glocks, Sig Sauer, Smith & Wesson, Springfield as well as the upcoming models for H&K, CZ, Canik and more. The MCK - Micro Conversion Kit with it’s great line of related accessories allows you to increase your accuracy and is an overall fun range tool.

MCK-Europe, as the CAA USA European branch was created to bring this success to the European and international markets. In order to provide an overall solution to its community of customers, MCK-Europe would function as a conversion kit “One Stop Shop”. Alongside the Conversion Kit line of products, MCK-Europe also offers the lines of ORPAZ and FOBUS holsters as well as the HAGOR line of ballistic equipment and other tactical and outdoors products - making sure both its retail customers as well as its business partners (see our dealers program…. Link) get a complete overall solution for their operational and/or recreational needs.

Gear up, shoot safely!