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Join the MCK-Europe family


MCK-Europe is aiming for a community based growth.
To achieve that, we have created a Chip based FAN CLUB.
You can help us promote our business and get rewarded.

How does it work? Simple
Chip =

You get MCK-Chips for any action that promotes us (a win-win):
All through the website there are actions you can take (buy / share / subscribe / etc.) to earn chips.

Earning and spending rules and model:

Earning Points (One must sign up as a customer):

When Buying / Taking actions in our site:

  • Each €1 Euro spent = 20 MCK-Chips
  • It is your birthday? Congrats! Get 400 MCK-Chips
  • Create an account in our website = 250 MCK-Chips
  • Sign up to our newsletter = 250 MCK-Chips
  • Write a review = 100 MCK-Chips
  • Send an email to friends = 100 MCK-Chips
  • Like our page / any page on Facebook = 50 MCK-Chips (up to 5 likes per day)
  • Tweet a page with Twitter = 50 MCK-Chips (up to 5 tweets per day)

Spending Points:

The MCK-chips can be used as currency with any purchase on the MCK-Europe website.
When using earned chips:

The minimum amount of points to be used per purchase is……..

Every 2000 points worth 5 Euro (400 points = 1Euro)
For example, buying a 300Euro worth of goods, one will get 6000 points worth 15Euro which is a 5% discount.

Points can be used at any time, including sales prices as long as the purchase complies with the minimum amount of points.


Wishing you a joyful time on our website and using our goods.
Be Safe!

MCK - Europe Team